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Stephanie Gradle, CEO and Founder of Domestic Goddess, grew up in Central Illinois and was fortunate enough to have a mother who placed a high priority on fun domestic projects, such as sewing pajamas, baking brownies and "reorganizing" the doll house.  Stephanie went on to earn two Bachelors of Science at Illinois State and a Juris Doctor from The John Marshall School of Law. Deciding that Law was not her cup of tea, Stephanie decided to look elsewhere for the ultimate career, which is how Domestic Goddess was formed. Stephanie has single-handedly cooked for a wide range of people, from her two year old nephew to professional chefs. Stephanie's attention to detail and slight germaphobia motivates her to make homes as clean as possible.


Domestic Goddess started out as a service that did peoples' home cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc, but we stumbled upon an underserved clientele: AirBnb hosts! Unlike simple house cleaning, these people require special hospitality accommodations and the odd job to get their property ready for guests. We have mastered the art of "flipping" short-term rental properties in a small window of time. We cater to all sort of properties and the needs of hosts. Please reach out today!


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